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Feb 28, 2006
Hey All,

My heater died over the weekend when I was gone. My water temp is staying at 70.5 - 72.1 degrees I am assuming that following my room temperature. Should I run out and buy a heater at my LFS for a high price or do I have time to wait so I can order online for a replacement and backup for the same cost as the single unit from the LFS. The fish seem to be unaffected as they dont act stressed and are voracious when they eat. I was keeping the tank at 78-80 before this failure.

Thanks in advance.
How long until you can get the heater online? I had something similar happen and we just waited until it came from Big Al's.
I can order it today.

I only ask as I can get two heaters and have them shipped for the price of one from the LFS.
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