Deep Blue vs Aqueon tank

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Sep 28, 2013
Hi, am looking to buy a 55g for planted FW, is it worth paying up for the Deep Blue tank? It's $170 for Deep Blue vs $90 for All Glass/Aqueon at Petland Discounts in NYC... I don't mind paying up for a stronger tank if it's really worth it! Thanks!
I've used Aqueon and Marineland. My 55G is currently a Marineland and I would think it is pretty strong. I have quite a bit of river rock in it. I would say go woth the Aqueon and use the money you save on more fish stuff.
I have both tanks and see no noticeable difference between the brands. An aqueon should be just fine, I agree save your money for something fishy. :)
Agreed. I've owned both (and just about every other brand) and would just buy whatever one was cheaper.
I prefer Aqueon. Check the silicone in the corners, it usually is a bit neater. Less expensive is not cheaper in this case.
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