Design for Sump/Refugium

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Ausie Fish

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Oct 22, 2002
Melbourne, Australia
Ok I am converting two of my Display tanks over to salt water (they were African Cichlid). The design looks something like this Sump.JPG.

Can anyone see any problems/improvements with this design :)

This sump/Refugium will be under two 48"x18"x18" tanls and about 2000l/h will be pumped though it.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

do you use heaters in your tanks now? If so do you plan on puttng the heaters in the sump?

How do you plan on setting up your main tanks?

I see you have LS andd LR in your sump and I am only aussming you will have LR and LS in your main tanks aswell.

Was it your goal to have a refugium style sump?
fishfreek Yep I have heaters in my sump at the, 3 to be exact each set at 1 deg below the other (all three are 300 watt) :D

The two tanks that I have are 48"x18"x18", you can see a picture of them at as you can see by the pic I have the overflows built into the tanks. You may want to look at these pics to get a better Idea of the setup :) Working/sump Built01.jpg

I plan on putting about 20kg (about 45lbs) of live rock into each tank and about 10-15kg in the Refugium/sump and as you can see by the plans for my Refugium/sump ( Sump.JPG I will also have live sand in it as well as in my two tanks.

For lighting I am using 2x32 watt flourescents in each tank (planning on 4 in each tank) and just keeping a couple of soft corals later :)

About i/2 of the water comming from my skimmer will go over the LR/LS the other 1/2 will go straight to the return pumps chamber.

Hope all this helps, any comments on how to improve this would be appreciated :D


when u goto Salt all the algea in teh biob balls in teh sump will die no?makin a huge ass ammonia spike? I could be wrong but I doibut it live in both Salt and Fresh water..

Jacob Morgan All the Bioballs are out of the freshwater now and in bags and have been for about 1 week :) so I think that any algea growing on them will be dead (it will be by the time I get them back into the sump/refugium in about a weeks time)
The bioballs are not in there for there altea growing just to make the water comming from my tanks a bit smother and controlled :)

fishfreek The answer to your last Question is yes, my goal is to have a refugium style sump :D

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