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May 27, 2006
Lancashire, UK
I've been wondering about this, I bought my snail tank a T5 light setup but accidentally got a pink-colour Tropical light, but I have what is supposed to be a T8 Coldwater white light over my SFF & Shrimp tank, and the only thing I see wrong with them is that in my eyes the pink one looks awful!!! :p

I guess my question is, what is the actual difference between the two lights? And would the fish, shrimp & snails be adversly affected by them being the wrong way round? :confused:

Unfortunately I can't just swap them round as the T8 is way too big for the snailtank, and the T5 is probably too small for the other!!! :lol:
I don't think your fish/inverts would mind the color too much ... plants & corals are the ones that demand the right spectrum in lighting.
I believe the difference is in the K value. This is the specific spectrum of light. 10000K is whit light (day light) as you go higher, the light gets bluer (20000K). I am sure this applies for the pink color, I just don't know the K value of it, but it is un 10000K. Probably even lower than 6700K. One of the light experts or the "freshies" can help better.
So, pink lights are for plant growth, but anything else for the fish will do? :confused:

It's just that my SFF is under one of THESE lights (from that same seller) as are the plants that are in there too, so is that correct for plant growth? :confused:

Lights are very confusing... :lol:
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