Digital nitrite/nitrate meters?

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Jul 20, 2006
So, I'm looking around this Big Al's place you guys sent me to and am seeing PH meters, oxygen meters, etc. At $80 a piece, they aren't cheap, but does anyone know of any digital nitrite and nitrate meters? Those are the two things in the tank I want to keep the biggest eye on. From what I've heard in general is that PH isn't as important when it comes to being where it should be at as much as it should be stable. I'm not worried about ammonia because if that gets out of control, you can see it in the tank.

So, does anyone know where I can get digital meters to measure the nitrites and nitrates in water so I don't have to do tests all the time? I'm more apt to keep levels where they should be at if it's as easy as looking at a little digital display.
Boy that's a tall order, lol. I'm sure there are some, but would be extremely expensive I believe. The 2 I'd be interested in are nitrates and phosphates, lol. And I don't think they will ever come down in price to meet the needs of the common aquarist, if such an animal exists.

Guess I was wrong, lol....
The thing I don't like about the LWB's tester is that you still have to use reagents (shaking, counting drops, etc). All that the meter does is read the color for you.
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