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Jan 10, 2019
I have a 210 reef/fish tank and just recently I got dinoflagellates .Never had them before in this 6 ear old aquarium. On advice from "others" I was told to turn off lights for 3 days ,,,siphon the dinoflagellates..and turn off protein skimmer for 3 days as well. I then Added Vibrant (20 ml....1ml for each 10 gal). 2 days later my blue and and rabbit face both died. Both were large and according to another person, the vibrant reduced oxygen . The smaller fish are still living after 35 gal water change.
1. How do I get rid of dinos without using Vibrant?

2. why wouldn't Vibrant add a caution on instructions that it could kill fish?
What are your nutrient levels? Vibrant is usually meant to starve out algae by reducing phosphate and nitrate levels. It’s super potent but I don’t think it works for dinos. Dinos thrive in nutrient less environments. A blackout is good but you’ll want to increase nitrates and phosphates so other plants and animals can compete with the dinos. Dinos suck, they’re probably the worst thing you can get and usually occur when nutrients bottom out in a system.

To be fair typing vibrant treatment into google will pop up tons of stories of ppl losing corals and fish due to it as well as success stories. I’ve never used it and never will as it seems way to risky

Also, are you sure it’s Dinos?
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