Discus with their kids!

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Mar 19, 2004
Malta, Europe
These are my pair of discus. The male is an alencer red and the female is a rose red.
I took some pics of them before the eggs hatched, and now I have pics of them at 15 days old on their parents backs before I moved them to their own tank. I'll take more pics when they grow a bit larger.
wow that is so awesome!!! congrats!!! my favorite pic is the last one.
I think I'm keeping them and probably breeding them. I'm hoping to have fifteen good ones. The ones that don't have the best size or shape will be kept in a display tank.
That is really cool! I had never seen baby discus before!

Thanks so much for sharing! :wink:
Wow those are some great pics.
I really think that discus are great fish and maybe I will get into them myself one day.
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