DIY CO2 Question once again, LOL

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Well, I set up the CO2 manifold. Was very easy. Didn't even have to turn the CO2 off. I used 2 wrenches and turned the bubble counter off without turning the solenoid off. First thing you do is unplug the solenoid so there's no CO2 running. Then turn the bubble counter off the solenoid. I put my old bubble counter in the far back hole on the manifold, and installed the other 2 bubble counters. I'm using the one with the check valve now. So I have 2 check valves on the line, my original above the tank, and the one in the bubble counter. They look very similar to the original bubble counter, with the exception of the bottom of the bubble counter being brass as well, which has the check valve installed in it. It's a great setup, I am very glad I got it, lol. Wish I had the $$$ to get the 6 port one though, lol. I'm always wanting bigger and better toys, lol.

Only other thing for you to get if you don't already have it, get some teflon tape, as you should teflon tape all the threads so there's no CO2 leakage. And in the cap of the bubble counter, when you install the CO2 tubing, there's a black protective O-ring. The only way you will be able to install the CO2 tubing is to remove that O-ring. I think it's just to protect the cap when there's no CO2 tubing hooked up. Remove it and push the tubing on, and screw the cap back down.


each tank will have it's own line, and will have room for 2 more planted tanks if I wanted, lol.

Way to go! Always leave yourself some room for another tank! (y) LOL

So if I remember correctly, your 75G always had pressurized? You just got this new manifold to distribute the CO2 to the other tanks?
29G and 75G were both pressurized. 5lb bottle on the 29G, and 10lb bottle on the 75G.

Now with 2 manifolds, will be doing pressurized on 4 tanks.
Manifold #1 for 29G and 10G
Manifold #2 for 75G and other 10G.

And still have room for 2 more tanks.
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