DIY foam background

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What kind if cement did you use? Just regular stuff? Or did it have to be something special?

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This is awesome! Do you make and sell these?

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That dw looks perfect in there.. nice evolution!

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Yeah bud. Looks great!

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Wow... Amazing job!!! I have been debating on the type of BG I wanted to put in my new 150 gal project... I'm now inspired! A few questions if you don't mind....
How did you run your plumbing?

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I am looking into doing this with my new tank but instead of the cement I was going to use the black pond foam and just either epoxy or silicone colored sand, real rocks and even some tile rock on to it. Im afraid of the leeching since I wont really be able to soak this before.
Any thoughts on this design choice?
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