DIY moonlight using LED Xmas Lights

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Jun 14, 2011
Quebec City, Canada

I'm planning to use LED Xmas Lights to build a moonlight in my canopy. Here's a picture of me with my tank, so you can see what kind of canopy I have.


It came with a Hagen Geosystem 80 kit, It's 31x14x3 or something like that.

I plan drill holes in the back, and insert the LEDs in them. I can have a set of 50 lights for inside/outside (the small ones) for 10$. I was planning to drill holes for 2 rows of 15 lights each, with a distance of 1.5 inch between each light. I cover the remaining ones with black electrical tape.

What do you think about it?
I like the idea of the Christmas lights. They are cheap and you can get extras around the holidays to last a whole year in case of problems.

I was wondering if a rope light would be safer though. Water splashing on the light bulbs could be a bad thing (I work on electronic equipment and I have a thing against water and electricity)or, if you have a barrier between the lights and water, the water vapor could cause the light connections to become corroded, causing the lights to fail.

Just wondering... I tend to point out possible problem areas. Sorry, it's a habit from my job.

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edit: nice job on the tank!
You can try going to a automotive store like a strauss or a autozone and by the blue led string light.. Less work no drilling and less to hide ;)
I like the rope light idea too! I look on the web and all I find is 30' sets :( too long! If I find something smaller I'll go with it otherwise, I'll do it with car lights :p
I like the rope light idea too! I look on the web and all I find is 30' sets :( too long! If I find something smaller I'll go with it otherwise, I'll do it with car lights :p

Walmart sells some that are shorter, but I'm not sure how short. I think they were 20' but that could be too long as well unless you looped it around a couple of times.

I like the string light idea. It may be more practical in the long run and you have a better chance of a quick replacement in case of problems.

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Yes I just saw 18' on a xmas website. I could roll the remaining and tie them in a ball, place them in a bag or something or seal them in a ball of electrical tape, and hide it behing my stand. I could do 3 rows. They talk of 0.8 watts per foot, so I guess 7 watts or so would do a good little moonlight.
How about those blue rope of lights they sell for motorcycles? You just gotta buy the plug. Anyone know the price of the plug though? I know the lights are pretty cheap...
I really like the idea of multicolorerd xmas light. I would think indoor/outdoor would be acceptable because they should be made for snow and ice melting. Great idea!
I make these now as i just did mine yesterday.. L.E.D. 3M strips! Gonna start selling soon.. Very nice, very clean!!


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Thanks! Def looks nice in person pics dont do justice
You can use any pack.. They light at 6v and can go to 18v obviously being brighter with higher volts ( i use 18v) Not sure about other types of lights.. I use these and never seen these blow or fail..
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