Do I have enough lighting?

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Dec 1, 2008
I live in the Orlando Florida area
Hey guys,
I am questioning my lighting configuration for my tank.
It is a 125g, 18" deep, canopy puts current lights at about 6-7" from the water.
Lighting consist of 3 175 MH coral vue 14k and 2, 96 actinic watt PC.
My tank is very mixed from sps to lps.
Do I have enough lighting? I know that some of my sps do start to brown out except for the new growth.
Well I am considering going to 3 250 double ended MH and
8 T5.
What are your thoughts?
3x175 MH over a 125 is enough for any coral. (see My Tank Info below)
Corals browing out can be from old, weak bulbs and it can also be from poor water quality and high phosphate.
You have got something on the water quality. I seem to nitrate issues. They hover around 20-25. I do bi-weekly water changes just to keep the nitrates down.
I don't over feed. But notice that my berlin style skimmer does not pull as much dissolved organics. Could this be an issue for high nitrates?
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