Do I have the setup to keep a mushroom?

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May 29, 2003
The LFS seems unable to order the fish I want, so now I am considering getting them on-line.

I noticed that places like LiveAquaria have a flat shipping rate for the amount of money I am willing to spend. I figure I can order other things on top of the fish and still pay the same amount for shipping. I would like to add a mushroom to my tank, here's my setup:

6 month old 37 gallon FOWLR, 6 hermits, one peppermint shrimp, one false percula clown. Lighting is a 65W PC made by CSL. BakPak 2R skimmer, water changes done with RO.

Is this enough light? If it is, can anyone recommend a specific type that is easy to keep? LiveAquaria lists red/violet/purple, red, spotted, striped, green as easy and moderate. I assume some on this list are easy, and some are moderate. Which ones are which?
I think just about all mushrooms would do fine in that lighting.

Good luck Dewey
You are on the right track, when it comes to ordering livestock on-line I order several things at a time to save money. Mushrooms should do just fine in your tank. You may need to place them up high closer to the light. You may also want to try a small polyp colony placed high in your aquarium for a variety. Good luck
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