Do I need fake plants for my guppies to hide in?

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Jul 17, 2010
I want to make sure I can see my new guppy without anything in the tank. If he hides behind plants I wont be able to see what is going on with the fish. Also I have fry in one tank by themselves.. I want to see how they are doing as well, that is why I have nothing in the tank, is that ok to do? I do have a heater and filter in the tank though. Also a temp gage.
If you want the females to release their fry, they need a protected area to do this so plants are the easiest choice. If you have just fry in the tank, they will need places to hide to feel secure so plants are the easiest things to use. When it comes to fish, the more secure they are, the more they will be out and about no matter how many hiding spots they have because they will learn and then know that should anything scare them, they have a place to hide.
Thanks for your reply. I put some plants in my tank. The plants wont hurt my guppy. I also have some plants for guppies coming very soon. For now I did put some places to hide so the fish can feel safe. I also have my guppy in a tank all by him self until I know is ok to place on a 40 gallon tank with all my female fish. I have 6 females in my 40 gallon.
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