DO those "ultimate gravel vacs" really work well ?

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Jun 13, 2006
I cant seem to find any reviews on them , are they worth the price ?
How fast do they work ?

I'm using the ol' hose and siphon , lugging 5 gallon buckets of water around.
No one i have ever spoken to has had any thing positive to say about the battery operated gravel vac's. I tried one a few years back and it was a waste of money, no power and didnt get the job done.

Try a python, hook it up to the sink and start draining
so a "python" works better..without batteries ??

thansk for the advice !
a python hooks up to a sink and uses water pressure to drain water. it has a gravel vac tube on one end and a sink adapter on the other. no batteries at all
Python or Lee's makes the same thing usually cheaper. No batteries. For that matter they are easy to make yourself.
You can use the end of any regular gravel vac and attach it to the garden hose. Works very well and costs very little.
Actually we bought a bigger house as I ended up getting rid of the kitchen table for the 75 gal tank. Now we have 4 large tanks over 55 gals and need the room. The python or knock off is a blessing to me, believe me!
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