Eheim Canister Filtration?

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May 1, 2007
I'm in the process of buying a 75G tank and was wondering if an eheim canister is the best route to take? Is the #2028 Pro II overkill for a 75G? If not, what would you recommend that will yield me the best filtration possible and also not be visible from the rear of the tank? I prefer not to have any HOB filters or any visible hoses hanging out the rear. Please advise.

Please do not cycle your tank with live animals.

FOLWR, reef, "freshie" tank, do tell.
Sorry about that! This 75G will be for fresh water FOWLR. And as suggested, I will be cycling the tank without any fishes as soon as I purchase it. Thank you.
pomps said:
fresh water FOWLR

Um, that seems a bit of a contradiction - either it's a Fresh Water tank, or it is a Salt Water Fish Only with Live Rock :?

The Eheim is a very good filter, and it's really difficult to "overfilter" a tank. The amount of flow may be hampering if you have a big canister on 20g or so, but a 75g is pretty large, so it can handle almost any canister filter out there just fine.

The Eheims are widely regarded as the "best" canister, but they are also the most expensive. The Rena XP3 (which I have on my 75g planted tank) is almost as good, and much cheaper. In the end, it's preference.

Also, if you are buying this filter new, then I would go with the Eheim 2128 Pro 2 that comes with a built in heater, since that eliminates a piece of equipment from the tank. HTH
The 75G will be for Fresh Water community tank with some live plants. Are canister filters the ideal or "best" means of filtration in setting up a new tank of this size? Any other filter combo suggestions that would help me plan for setting up my tank would be appreciated. Thank you.
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