Eheim Classic 2215 Canister Questions

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Jun 12, 2009
Houston, Texas
I’ve recently purchased and setup an Eheim Classic 2215 on my 45gal Freshwater Aqaurium (full, but not heavy load).

I already have a functioning Penquin 330 power filter with dual bio-wheels. While my aquarium has been doing fine for about 2 years now with just the Penguin 330, I simply wanted an Eheim canister filter. I just like them. But it’s been quite a few years since I used a canister filter and so, I have a few questions if anyone would care to field them.

  • When I do my water changes, I do not want to run the filter as the spraybar will splash too much as the water level goes down during the change. So I will turn the filter off. In order to keep my siphon, do I need to shut off one or both of the double taps? Or can I just leave them both open during the process?

  • My 2215 came with free media including the substrat media for biological filtration. I am interested in completely replacing my Penguin 330 with the 2215 once it’s colonized with enough nitrifying bacteria (after 21 days or so as I understand it). But I am hesitant to do this as I realize that the dual bio-wheels really provide a great biological filtration. Will the 2215 truly replace the bio-wheels and provide excellent biological filtration?

    I am considering also, actually placing the 2215 spraybar inside the back of the Penguin 330 and unplugging the 330 to have it literally powered only by the output of the 2215. I’ve searched online and cannot seem to find anywhere that sells the old bio-wheel pro 30 or 60 to use in conjunction with canister filters (they still sell them as part of their Magnun canister filter kits). This way I can run only the bio-wheels on the old filter as the final stage of filtration – ensuring extra strong biological filtration. Better idea (if it will physically work) than replacing the Penguin 330 with the 2215 altogether?
I know that was a mouthful for my first post here… lol. But I sure do appreciate any help in this regard. Perhaps I can be of help to others from time to time here as well.
The 2215 is a good filter the bio media that comes with it is enough for your size tank.I drain 50 % of my tank water and don't shut off any valves and it always starts up.I also run a penguin 330 with out the bio wheels.I use the plastic empty media inserts you can get for the penguin. That way can just use floss or foam no need to buy the expensive 3 packs of filter pads.
I don't believe everything you read about them bio wheels most of the water just passes right by the wheel with out making any contact.I removed mine 2 yrs ago tank never looked any better.
Thanks brutus. I'd like to think that the Eheim 2215 alone can handle my tank and therefore totally eliminate the Penguin 330. By adding the 2215, there's quite a lot of turbulence in the aquarium. I think the fish might prefer a few more dead spots to relax in... lol. However, additional filtration can never hurt I suppose.

But this makes me wonder about another point. What's all this I keep seeing recently in forums about virtually eliminating the use of carbon? I also use Chemi-Pure and thought I could just fit it into my Eheim 2215 and stop using the carbon... but can I also stop using the Chemi-Pure and stick solely with the "provided" media that came with the Eheim (it came with a carbon pad, but states that I should remove it in two weeks)?
BTW brutus, I checked out your aquarium photos and they are outstanding! I may have to re-consider my whole approach to only using plastic plants. I may have to do some research into the whole live plant thing.
Carbon or chemi-pure are both good to use.Most people with live plants don't use them because they absorb a lot of good things out of the water that plants can use.
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