Emperor 400 leaking onto the floor from the o-rings on the bio wheel sprayer.

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Aug 20, 2005
Oklahoma City, OK
Did a search and found out that the o-rings cost $4, then they want $10 shipping. I can get these at the hardware store for much cheaper. Can anyone tell me what size o-ring I need before I damage mine to check the size.
Best bet would be to go to their site and look at the replacement o-rings. They should say the dimensions of the o-ring on there. And if they don't, then that's how they get ya.
Have the old one? take it with ya to the hardware store

Wow guys, thanks for the quick response. The problem with that is, to get it off I might dammage it and then I am stuck without a working filter. At least now it only drips every minute so I can keep a towel under it and change out the towel daily.
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