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Aug 13, 2011
Will a seaclone 100 protein Skimmer, 2 Bio Wheel filters, and about 40 pounds of live rock and 20 pounds of base rock. Will this suffice for now until i can upgrade my protein skimmer?
What size tank ? And what bio wheel filters? Emporer 400s or penguin? I have a sea clone 100 also and it actually works pretty good once it gets going
75 gallon and all i know is that it is a penguin 330, so im not sure if that falls under Emperor or not :p
So if you got two that's about 140 gallons of filters so i don't see any big issues on that. The seaclone is hard to adjust but it works good once it's adjusted right. What are your fish stock plans?
Snowflake Moray, Huma Trigger for sure and other then that im open to suggestions. :) if you have any!
Thats it? Really> i was told about 4 or 5 fish would fit as long as they were smaller then the Huma and Eel
The huma and eel need a large tank and they are messy eaters from what I've heard so you wouldnt want to add too much to the tank.

What other fish were you interested in?
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