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Aug 15, 2012
UK/England-Southend on sea Essex
Hello first things first i am living in the UK little town called Southend On Sea post code is SS12LN.
About me i am 43 years old currently not employed due to a accident 7 years ago as a result from that i have a number of health issues that have now come to the surface.
So i am not for from the Olympic mountain bike course at Hadleigh On Sea.
I have been an aquarist for some 5 years now.
as i had a juwel Rio 180 bow front tank before i was given a monster of a tank in comparison to my little Rio.
the new tank is a second hand one all been checked and its all water tight n secure the size is 72"x24"x24"its about 680 liters or 149 UK Gallons. and i love it so i have now decided to take to the hobby with much more care and attention.
currently i have a 18" pleco,7 convict cichlids,1 kissing gourami,an about 30/40 mix of mollies pictures to follow kind regards Steve.:thanks:
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