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junkfood john

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Apr 30, 2008
Duluth Mn.
I want to to do a little glass etching on my 90 gal. tank. I use an acid etch that only roughs up the surface of the glass. Will this affect the strenth of the tank? Thanks, John
I am assuming you have experience with acid etching. And I am assuming you are not revering to any sandblast method. If that is the case if you use a mild creme like "etch-all" it will not greatly compromise the integrity of the tank since it just frosts the surface by breaking up the light rays passing through. I would not personally use it near any of the tank seams though. I wouldn't want to take a chance something may leak. I know the etching will be on the outside of the tank but you would want to make sure nothing gets to the inside - the chemicals are highly toxic and personally I would stick with etching cremes and not the traditional method of acid etching (they contain hydrofluoric acid - dangerous stuff if you are not familiar with it). Granted the cremes don't give a better finish as compared to the acids but that is a judgment call you will have to make. When all is said and done make sure to clean the glass well and If you etch I would love to see some pictures. :scrambleup: [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
Thanks for the info,thats what I plan on using is etch-all. I have a pattern of some dahlpins that I made a time ago but I'm going FW so I think I'll have to make a fish pattern. Any ideas on were to go to get ideas anyone? I will post a couple of pics when I get it done. Thanks John
If you want to be really safe (assuming the tank isn't setup yet) then the sand blast method IS the way to go.. Sand (err it will be in the tank anyway and air). Mask of the seam, use a fine grade sand, crank the air compressor up to 80-100 range and blast away. You're removing probably .1mm, probably not as deep as some scratches.
Are you planning on doing the inside or outside? I would think algae would be harder ro remove if it was etched on the inside...just my thoughts.
I will be doing the outside of the glass. Got the contact paper on and pattern drawen out. Ready to start cutting it out. I'm thinking the pattern is to big but my girlfreind thinks its just right so wish me luck. John
I'm assuming this be on the back side of the glass so that it does not interfere with viewing the tank, correct?
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