Fans needed for tank

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Jan 1, 2004
I see where a lot of people use like the PC fans that have high velocity for their tanks and keeping them cool. I need 2 small ones to install in my canopy...can someone provide me a link to these?

Generally, the bigger, slower(rpm) the fan, the more air it will move while making less noise. You will still need a 12vdc power supply to run PC case fans. As long as you mind the total current load, even a cheap universal wall-wart from Radio Shack will run a number of fans. Let us see your handy-work once you've started!
Thanks. However I want something that is already wired or easy to wire. So do I just go to like RadioShack and but a power supply? Meaning the wiring? Im not into burning down anything!!! :)
I would recommend the cooler master, rosewill or thermaltake fans...especially thermaltake. Those are both very quiet and reliable fans. I've assembled a lot of computers using thermaltake fans and no problems with them. Very well made. Slower rpm does not necessarily mean less noise...all depends on the bearing that is used and the way they've assembled the fan. Most fans are going to make noise...its spinning on a bearing at high speeds. If you want a silent fan, get the Enermax UC-8EB. Not a lot of airflow though.

If you're looking at airflow you need to look at the CFM rating...the higher that is the more air is moved. Furthermore, most of those fans have a noise level in the specifications when you go to view the details on the fan. You would have to either get a power supply or you would have to hard wire into a 12vdc source. Radio Shack is probably the most economical place to buy a power supply. Good luck!
Very nice selection fishman! You will hear a hum while it's on high speed but that pretty much goes with the territory when you're dealing with that much air movement. I think you will be very happy with it. (y) I almost always buy thermaltake fans for the cases of the computers I build. Very reliable and great performance.
I hope they work as well in a canopy as they do in a PC enviroment!! :)
Also do you think 2 for a 5 ft canopy is enough? Im going to order these tonight and then get Radioshack to hook me up with the power source.
Ok thanks. Also when I do a 2 fan set up...I have seen people say 1 fan blowing into the canopy and 1 blowing out..and then others both in, or both out..what should it be?
I have some gaps in the back but Im thinking I will do 1 in and 1 out and see what this does. Cant hurt...Thanks
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