Feeder blocks

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Oct 6, 2021
Spring Valley, NY
Hi, does anyone recommend using feeder blocks in a nano reef tank while on vacation? It’s a small tank and it’ll be a little challenging setting up an automatic feeder
I’ve never used blocks in a reef tank for feeding. What are you planning on using?

Auto feeders are very easy to setup and program, and are a good tool to have anyways, maybe consider it a good time to add one…
I’m considering both opinions. So was wondering if anyone has experience using feeder blocks and find that they work well for small fish without disturbing the water parameters
8 days worth of block food I don’t see leading to anything good. I’d def recommend getting a feeder setup.
When is your trip? You can always do a trial run of it while you’re home so you can monitor water quality and see how it goes.
Make sure you use a block that is designed for saltwater. The usual feeding blocks that you see in the stores do not do well in high Ph water. They don't dissolve in it or dissolve extremely slowly defeating their purpose. Since marine tanks are high Ph, these would definitely not work.
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