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Apr 4, 2012
I have a 225g with a 70g sump. I have a 10 inch Naso, 8 inch clown tang, 6 inch yellow and regal tangs, flame angel, skunk clown, green coris Wrasse, mystery Wrasse, and foxface. I have hair algae issues and I'm trying to reduce nutrients. I'd appreciate suggested feeding schedules appropriate for the stock list (as in cubes per day/algae sheets per day, etc) any suggestions appreciated
whats your schedule now
could try cutting it in half
every other day
along with partial water changes till you get things back to normal
Admittedly drifting. One lfs said 2 cubes every other day, another said feed 2-3 cubes every day, another said the Naso alone could eat a cube a day. All said a whole sheet of algae 3-4 times a week. I've tried them all. Confused
Are you rinsing your food? Are you using RODI water? If magnesium is depleted in the water it could help fuel the algae issues. Are you skimming pretty heavily? I run a skimmer rated for 400gallons on my 210. All those tangs are poop machines though so you'll need some serious skimming muscle to keep that clean
Also regular water changes. Tangs are by far my favorite fish period but they are a real pain since they poop almost instantly after eating. Also any excess algae sheet will cause problems. Do you have a pretty hearty cleanup crew? I found that hermits really helped my tank out when I started because they scavenge all day and night.
Yes, rinsing, just bought a new skimmer rated for 600g, (at least that's what the manufacturer said), use only Rodi
What kind of skimmer was it? I use a bubble magus curve 9 on mine. What is your water change schedule and percentages like? Also have you tested phosphates and nitrates? Plus the age if your rodi filters is a big factor too
I have only a few crabs and snails. I have mag elevated with tech m to deal with algae so I'm reluctant to add any cuc now. Just want to make sure I'm feeding enough without overdoing it. Tangs obviously my fav also.
I feed my tangs about a cube and a half every other day and then an algae sheet on the in between days and still maintain nitrates below 10ppm. I have a 9" sailfin, 8" yellow belly hippo, 6" purple and a 7" chevron tang. Sailfin and purple are pretty heavy algae grazers too. The zebrasoma tangs are the most aggressive at eating algae in my experience.
Thanks. With the other fish I have I guess 2 cubes 3x/wk would be reasonable. Appreciate the feedback.
Tangs are awesome fish. I've swam a lot with them in the ocean and love to see them go crazy at algae. That said, you should try switching from cubes to pellet food that's made for grazers. There are many brands but I found that herbivore and omnivore fish like these a lot:
There are of course many others you can look into as well but dry food should help you with reducing nitrates. You probably want 2-3 mm pellets for large tangs.
Doing 20 percent changes every 2 weeks and I change the Rodi filters once I read 4ppm. The skimmer I bought is the jns sk5.
Thank you, I'll look in to those pellets. Pellets are cleaner than rinsed cube mysis?
I was told to feed enough for them to consume in 15 seconds. I was also taught that if you feed and food reaches the sand bed you are feeding too much. Every other day should be plenty. Note I have only been at this 2 years and have lots more to learn. I am sure the experts will jump in.
Thank you, I'll look in to those pellets. Pellets are cleaner than rinsed cube mysis?
Feeding pellets definitely helped me to get my nitrates down to 0-5 ppm. Also, it's more natural to feed them algae based diet than mysis, etc. I would feed your tank those pellets plus some NLS marine formula for carnivores and planktivores. That's what I've been doing and it works great.
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