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Sep 15, 2004
Eastern New York
Hi all,

I have a 55 gallon long fish tank which I would like to make into a saltwater tank. I have been doing research online and am still unsure of the proper filtration to use. I just started checking out sump filters but are they really the nuts?? I know that this hobby is going to be expensive, but I am very excited about trying to maintain a saltwater tank.

The sump setup seems to be very expensive, is there any other means of good filtration.

the sump filters that you purchase commercially are expensive. however, there are a couple alternatives... buy used (ebay or something) or DIY. there are a lot of articles on how to do this on this forum. search for posts by sumphead. i am planning on taking a used 15 or 20 gal tank and inserting a couple acrylic baffles in them to make my own wet/dry filter. the cost will be less than emperor 400 i was using in my FW setup. btw, i am also moving from FW to SW. i am currently trying to do all my research. i have a 75gal tank for my SW project.
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