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Nov 2, 2005
chicago ridge, illinois
well my filter, which is a topfin 20, has been running for 4.5 months with one filter bag that i cleaned out about 3 weeks ago and it started to flow out in an even flow but now its just dribblinh out in seperate little flows not one big wave like it used to and ive tried using the power adjuster but it doesnt help any one know why?
I take it this is a HOB type model, in most cases when they slow down like that, you just need to buy some filter brushes and clean the intake tubes out real good, you would be surprise what clings to the walls of the tubes even after a good washing in the sink. you may wanna make sure the impeller and everything is clean also, next try replacing the bag, its a good rule of thumb to replace them about every 2 months for optimal filtration, hope this helps
Get an aquaclear, all you need to do is rinse the sponge block in tank water when you do a partial. Cheaper than replacing bags, and you don't throw away your biological filter every 2 months.
Yeah my aquaclear is definately pretty sweet. Extremely easy to clean, customizeable, and cheap. If you had to replace your topfin 20 I'd second the recommendation for the aquaclear.
I had a Marineland Penguin 170 that did the same thing, but it eventually turned into just a dribble of water coming out. I cleaned it out every 2 months with a brush. In the end I even tried running it without any media and the biowheel taken off, and still barely got 5 drops of water per second. I've switched to a canister filter now and won't go back except on smaller tanks.

Although I can say that my Tetra Whisper 40 is on 4 years and going strong!

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