Filtration issues

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Mar 27, 2008
Pittsburgh, PA
I have a 58g Oceanic reef ready system with sump. I have an ASM mini-G skimmer rated to 75g. I also use a filter bag with medium on the end of my down tube into the sump. I have eggcrate on the top of the aquarium, so I don't have a closed lid.

My problem is that no matter how clear the water looks, there is still "Stuff" that floats throughout the tank. I am nt sure if it is just dust and I should use a glass lid, or just stuff that the skimmer has not taken out. My skimmer works well. I need to clean the gunk out of it every couple of days, but I just feel that I shouldn't have stuff in the water. Would a canister filter help?
How old is the tank? I have an old tank and from time to time, stuff dislodges and floats around.
The tank is only 6 months old. The stuff that floats in the water really looks like dust particles as opposed to any other detritus. It lloks clear from a few feat away, but whem you look up close you can see stuff.
I'd give it some time to settle down. I do use a filter but still get some stuff floating around.

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