Fish gone missing

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Jan 24, 2010
Ontario, Canada
A few weeks ago one of my Neons was dead and stuck in a plant so I knocked him out of the plant and went to get something to get him out. I can't find him. Then it gets worse: I started with eight fish, plus the dead neon and now I only have four and I can't find them. I'm not sure if the bigger rosy tetra is eating them before or after they die and I'm not sure what to do
It's easy to lose small fish. Do you have snails in your tank? They'll make a small fish like a neon disappear very quickly. An occasional guppy dies in my tank and I don't even bother to fish it out. The snails and shrimp reduce it to a skeleton in a few hours.
Some fish will eat dead/dying fish. My barbs will pick apart a dead fish in hours. They always go for the eyeballs first...weirdos.

Also, a small dead fish can rot away pretty fast in warmer water.

I've recently had a serpae tetra disappear on me. One day he was healthy, eating and swimming. The next day he was no where to be found. I hate spending an hour looking for missing fish and not being able to find any clues as to what really happened.
Well it's getting worse another one died and I found him. Not sure what's wrong, other than being dead and all he looks fine
Is this a new tank? Are you using a canister filter? maybe check inside to see if they are all in there. Or also check behind your tank to see if they jumped out.

Clearly the delicacy lol

Actually some cultures believe this a delicacy and they pay a premium for fish eyes.
I've had the tank for almost a year now (got it for xmas last year) I took all the decorations out and now there are 3 left. I actually don't think it's possible to jump out (cover always on) but I'll check.
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