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phil wood 71

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Mar 27, 2019
I am sure this topic has been done over and over again but I only ask because I know how technology moves on every year.

I have built a Garage but solely for the use to have as a fish room, That's why the design of the garage was two walls thick, outside (Breeze Block) middle Cavity with insulation then the Inside wall with the much lighter brick deigned to keep heat in.

The dimensions are as follows: Length 22ft Width 12ft with a pitched roof but an internal flat ceiling to keep the heat in, Also another internal wall Spanning across the width of the room but with a length of 5ft which will separate the main part of the fish room from the outside door as this will I hope keep condensation down.

The main rack will have my breeding tanks which are 2ft x1ft x 1ft and I have 30 of these which I want house on one main rack 1ft facing end on so that both the 2ft sides will both be insulated and also the other end of the tanks will be insulated at the back also.

The other larger tanks will be used for Husbandry and growing on fry on the opposite wall.

I have had a fish room before (that's where all the tanks have come from) so I am not starting from scratch just want some new idea's about heating a room of this size.

I look forward to your reply's
People here use a small RC air-con to cover winter and summer. Apparently works out cheaper. And seems to be air-pumps powering filters.
Fish room

Do you think I can heat the room with just that ? if so I already have one thanks.
We’re on the coast so never gets too bad and snowing but can get frosts. All the good ones I’ve seen had insulation like yours so would say so at a guess on your weather.
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