Floater Frenzy! Amazon Frogbit, Water Lettuce, Red Floaters [HEAD-TO-HEAD]

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Mar 4, 2020
I have or have kept basically every floating plant in my aquariums, even though means for ponds and natural sunlight, and read hundreds of blogs and articles over the years...but I'm still not sure what the basic, practical differences are between the 3 primary home hobbyist floating plants:
  • Water Lettuce
  • Amazon Frogbit
  • Red Floaters
Does anyone know the actual water parameter differences between these 3 regarding nitrites, ammonia, nitrogen etc. usage/balancing/uptake and how they can ultimately impact tank water quality in large amounts?

NOTE: I'm acquainted with pothos etc., but wanted to keep this specific to the above trio of floaters, and of course duckweed has it's use, but it's always a hard pass for me.


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