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May 17, 2005
Saskatchewan, Canada
I was looking at a fluval fx5. It is supposed to be rated for up to 400 gal tank with 950 gph. Self priming, just plug and use. LOL even comes with DVD for setup. Anyone have any opinions, good or bad? Anyone have one?

Here is a link with info if interested.
Hmmm one review says 950gph another says 607gph. LOL Nice to see everyone agrees.

OK on the Hagen website in the instruction manual, the output is 925 gph and the circulation is 607 gph with no filter media at time of testing. So in plain english, which set of these numbers do I rely on for the tank?
I thought I read it was 600 some gph WITH media and everything... I mean the thing is massive... holds 5 gallons I think... I wouldn't mind having one, but uh... I dunno... People that have had them kinda talk down about them I think. I think the people who talk down about them say Eheim is better... which... duh... lol anyway. Hope this helps a little..
Is this what was originally known as the 500? If indeed it is (there were no pictures available at the time it was announced), this thing is indeed massive. I need to continue to drool...I mean, look at the specs and see if there is any other source for final information.
Well, I have been handling one down at the shop (they are already sold out from Hagen's warehouses), and it looks pretty interesting....we are debating setting up one of the 6 we have as a demo (but that would leave us with only 5, and no more expected available until Feb or later)....its quite the unit. 5.9 litres of media (I was hoping for closer to 8 litres when I first saw it previewed a few months back), 607-615 GPH when filled with media, built-in microchip, drain-valve, etc....and pretty reasonably-priced at about $300CDN, when compared with the Fluval 404. I am typically cautious, so I have been trying to decide myself if I will get one straightaway (you know the old adage about not buying a model of car in its first year of manufacture).
Well i have one. I've had it for about two months now and just encountered my first problem, I cleand the filter yesterday set it back up and everything was fine when i plugged it back in. It started pumping as normal, it then proceeded to turn itself off to prime the air, BUT never turned back on!after about 20 mins of the fx5 being off i turned to the manual to find no help or trouble shooting. (very anoyed) LFS was closed being 6pm. After leaving it unplugged overnight i plugged it back in to no prevail. i then removed the motor housing and had a look to find nothing. While the motor was out i plugged it into the wall and it worked. so put it all back together, hooked it up to the tank and hasn't stopped since. I have found this fiter to be awesome when its working. Its currently on a 8x2x2ft tank 800litres, sharing the workload are 2x cf1200 canisters and a aquaclear 500 waterfall.
Hmmm good to know to watch out for. I love this filter as well, I have been running it for 2 months too with no problems. Hopefully it is an abnormality for you and the lfs will exchange it.
just an update, has not gone to sleep again on me,seems to be working fine? have let my LFS know. which my other half works at. simple answer anymore problems bring it back and exchange. I do have one gripe about the FX5, mine came with nothing but foam, you would think for that money you would at least get BIO BALLS. I'm used to the AQUA 1's where you get 2 foam pads, bio balls, ceramic noodles and a polishing pad!
I dont think Fluval origanally packed anything but the sponge with the 300 line of canisters (I dont think mine came with any).
These 500's are easily triple the hardware (mecanicaly) and the cost is about the same per cycles per hour of filtration, and they have technological advancements (self priming with sensors), so no I wouldnt expect media.

btw. did you make sure the canister was full of water when you sealed it up (when it wouldn't start for you?)
I have never purchased a cannister filter with media unless the media was used. As a cheap alternative to bio balls, I use plastic kitchen scrubbers, pot scrubbers that is. Works just as well and are $1 for 3 here.
If the FX5 has sensors i would like to know why it worked while the motor was removed? I dont think they have done anything but change where the water is pumped from( if the motor is in the top it's more likely to stop circulating from an air pocket) And add a simple timer to turn off every 24hrs, i dont think there is any fancy technology advancements as you put it.
And yes the canister was full when i plugged it in.
If you get a chance to look inside 1 of these beasts you will notice a breather on the inside of the lid, this allows any air within the unit to escape through the outlet. Because the motor is in the bottom its always submerged. The motor pushes the water up through a tube to witch the breather is attached, therefore sucking any air from the top of the unit out on its way back to the tank.
As far as the cost of filter media, i probably wont have to replace the bio balls that cost 10c each. There isn't as much room in the centre stack anyway for many bio balls or noodles as say a AQUA 1 CF1200. however the foam surface area is amazing. The replacement foam pads cost around $20 for 3 of the 6 that are in the unit. for 3 polishing pads it was about $15 AU.
I actually use the pot scrubbers in my small in tank power head canisters. they are alot cheaper!
Fluval x5

The Fluval will not pump until the canister has completed the priming sequence. I work at an independant Pet Store and have recieved one of the fx5 product training and demonstrations by the hagen staff. You always do have the warranty. The circuit must be closed.
I posted this in the other FX5 topic. I have been told that the first batch of FX5 that were produced had a problem with the timer/computer. I have taken mine back to the shop and am currently waiting for my replacement!

Great. I'm glad your fx5 is being fixed or replaced. Hope everything turns out great. =0)
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