fluvial 304 died... toxic filter?

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Oct 14, 2005
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Hey guys,

Just wanted some confirmation that I did the right thing here... came back from work last night and went to feed the fish. Noticed the water/plants weren't moving right. Turns out my fluvial 304 stopped pumping.

I remember reading how stagnant filters become toxic, so I unplugged and washed it throughly with tap water. I have a power head in there, but I need a replacement impeller, shift and cover. Culprit was probably snails. I'm lightly stocked in my 75 gallon, so I'm hoping to avoid a cycle just because the tank is very natural. Live plants, not uber clean or anything.

Should I have started the filter back up after it sat for an unknown length of time?
Well, checked stats this morning, no nitrite or ammonia, but Nitrates are higher than I've ever seen them. When I turned the pump back on, all the crud from the ribbed water lines spewed into the tank. Nitrates were at 30-40ppm. I'll do another water change tonight. My Nitrates are normally under 5ppm.
Well, 2 days now, seems like a I Dodged a bullet... Still keeping an eye.

Nitrates down to ~5 ppm.
No Nitrite or ammonia.

... Considering the number of Unanswered posts I respond to I was kind of surprised to get zero feedback. ( I kind of make a habit of viewing unanswered posts and responding to any recent ones I might be able to make a contribution to)
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