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I just downloaded this app to my Android. It now dings like I have a text every time I get a reply to something I posted here. How do I disable notifications on my phone?
In the settings you can turn off notifications. You will need to restart the app for that to take effect.
I can no longer login in like I use to on my cell phone the login / password gets covered up. I can only login via Taptalk is that how it is suppose to be now?
Here is a picture sorry it is very blurry. But this is what I get now on my phone when I am trying to login via internet instead of taptalk.


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I believe they are working on the search function. I heard of some other folks having the same issues.
just found

That's how found this group was found app first. Look forward to info learned and discussions
I have been using this app for a long time and it has been my main link to AA. However, I do not like the recent update which included a whole new interface and such. It is much slower and more complicated. I don't know if this is just me but I hope there will be some improvements soon.
The updated app keeps crashing and losing my posts !!
I'm using an iPhone 5s.

My other forums use Tapatalk.

I got so frustrated I stopped visiting AA's forums. I just lost another post that was quite detailed to a crash !

I guess I'll stop using the app until another update occurs.

So frustrated with this right now.

Ok, I just saw I could use Tapatalk for these forums instead of the dedicated app. Will see if it starts crashing. Sad that the dedicated app performs so poorly for me :(

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What does it mean when the app (Jelly Bean) sometimes fowls up my password? I'll use it for a couple weeks, then it will "kick me out" claiming I have the wrong password. It then won't accept my username and password until I reboot. Tapatalk and Chrome don't do that.

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You can't edit your details on it unless I'm missing something. Had to go to website to do it. Got app first. Tried to register through it, first time told me I was a spammer! Second time came up with a system error message. Again had to go to web page first and register before logging in on app.

If you can't register via the app there's no point having the option, may as well just have an instruction to visit the web site prior to app use.
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