Foxface Lo and Kole yellow eye tang together???

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Jul 28, 2008
Las Vegas, NV
I am starting to think about my stocking for my 75 gallon tank with 40 gallon sump. I have been looking for my main attraction fish and was thinking foxface lo and kole yellow eye tang. Tank is going to have lots of LPS and softies. Two questions:
1. Will these two get along.
2. Will my corals be safe if they are kept well fed (foxface is "with caution" and tang is "reef compatible" on liveaquaria.

Both say 70 gallon minimum tank size. Would then do a couple smaller fish like gobies or blennies. Wife wants a mandarin after I can establish a pod population.
I have tried a few different fish that were "with caution" and they haven't ever worked out for me. I had a pakistani butterfly and a some sort of a fox face and all they did was nip corals no matter how well I fed them. You can give it a try but to be honest it literally is with caution. Who knows you might get lucky
The reason I am thinking it is because I got a pygmy angel for my 29 gallon and he is "reef with caution" and he has been doing great. I have only had him for a couple weeks though. Where are you from in WI? I grew up in Chippewa Falls (home of Leinenkugel's beer).
I'm from hartford but live in waterford now (far south east corner, almost at the border) give it a try I guess and see how it goes. Just be sure to watch him close
Thanks! I am about a month away from putting in fish, just trying to plan ahead a little bit. Maybe just the Kole and a school of chromis or something. Am more interested in corals anyway. The fish will be secondary.
That's cool I have a lot of lps in my tank and I love the corals I've found some pretty cool ones. I have an elegance coral, aussie duncans 6 heads, acan, candy cane, then just some polyps. There are so many cool ones! Check out black sun coral that's one of my favorites
In my 29 I have:
duncans (3 heads)
candy cane
short tentacle plate
long tentacle plate

Especially love the torch, frogspawn, hammer and long tentacle plate when they sway in the current!
Yeah they are a lot of work and upkeep but its the show stopper in my tank. Super cool and everyone always comments on it
I have a Foxface Lo in my reef tank. He's been in there for 6-8 months and has been great.
IME your corals will be OK. I have had both. They are herbivores. As far as getting along, they both come with an attitude.
I would introduce them together. The only other thing you can do is watch to make sure they are not attacking each other.

My foxface's tend to be aggressive...all you can do is watch them to make sure they are not beating each other up.
we have a fox face and a yellow eye , two black clown, two reg clown. they all seem to get along , been together for three months now , at first the fox face would put up her fins , we have many live rocks and hiding places the the yellow eye would hide for a few days, now they are best friends . i guess it depends on the fish.
Thanks for the responses guys! I think those will be my first two fish and I will introduce them together. Thanks a ton!
So, I think I have decided on the final stocking for my 75 gallon. Kole Yellow eye tang, foxface lo and a school of 5-6 blue reef chromis. Later down the road a mandarin. The chromis would be ok with the tang and foxface right? I figure that will be lots of movement in the tank. After that it's all about the coral.
I have a 72G bow front. I also have a Foxface with 3 black axil Chromis. I also have 2 clowns and everyone gets along really well and no coral nips at all.

I've had my Foxface for about 4 months now and he hasn't touched one of my corals.

He's been awesome....eats almost any nuisance algae as well as GHA and he's real good at it too. One of my most recent frag plugs had some type of algae growing on the base that the seller told me to just rip if off b/c it's a nuisance algae that no fish ever seem to was gone by the next day. picked clean.

Love that guy.

Between him and the 5 peppermint shrimp, my rocks stay really clean! not one aptasia or ugly algae.
Awesome! That definitely puts my mind at ease. Gonna make the best choices possible on fish and then go to town on the corals!
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