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Jul 29, 2011
Strongsville, Ohio
I am in the Cleveland, Ohio area in Strongsville. I have a bunch, I mean a bunch of guppy fry about 3 to 4 months old now that I need to get rid of. They are some half blacks, some with black and a little red. Anyone in the local area are welcome to pm me if they want them and make arrangements for pickup. Also have some sunburst platys that are about 9 months old that can go to free. Also selling a 20gal.. long tank and stand with standard t8 light, in line heater, and filstar xp1 canister filter for 75.00 First come first serve. Local pickup only please, I do not want to mess with shipping. I am downsizing because I have gotten the salty bug and I am going to put all of my efforts into the salty side from here on out. If interested pm me and we will see what we can set up.:fish2:
I work thrid shift so I spent most of the day today trying to get some sleep. I'll get out the camera in a short while and get a pic of the tank up a little later. I'll try to get a pic of the fish but some of them may be too small to get a decent pic, but I'll try. I'll post them as soon as I can. Thanks for you interest.
Okay lets see how this works out. These pics are not the greatest cause I hurried to get you something. This is the tank and the guppies.


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In all there is around 30 to 40 guppies and I have a few platys (sunburst) that can go also. In the 20long there is a piece of driftwood that a bunch of kuhli loaches live in and you can have that also. I am more or less cleaning out all of the freshwater fish.
Over the years I have gotten alot of free fish from different people so this is just my way of giving it back. I would rather give them to someone who wants the fish than try to sell them.
I would be willing to take on everything, except my wife doesnt want tank #6 right now...i am working on her, i will take her to dinner to butter her up a bit. Would you be willing to sell the tank setup minus the canister filter?
The only problem with not having the canister filter would be the in line heater. Without the return line you would have to figure a way to plumb in the in line heater. It is the Hydor in line external heater, and it works great. I love the fact that the heater does not need to be in the tank. The canister is set up with a spraybar which gives you great water circulation through entire tank. If you want just take the canister with it as you may have use for it down the road. With saltwater I will not being using a canister. I went with a sump on my salt tank and am planning on setting up a 40gal breeder salt tank with a 20long sump in the near future. I can't really cut down any lower on the price cause the commercially built stand ran me 150.00 by itself at RMS it is only about a year old now.
Well its such a great deal, i will take it ALL! Tank setup, guppys, platys, loaches and anything else you mentioned...i can come tmorrow afternoon probably anytime after 3ish. Let me know what works for you.
A thank you to anyone that looked. A thank you very much to Bigfish99 for taking everything I was offering so the tank and free fish are all gone.
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