Fromia Indica Starfish always at top of tank

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Feb 20, 2015
I bought a Fromia starfish 2 weeks ago and ever since then it has been active but is always at the top of my tank. The water readings are normal and I drip acclimated it for 6hours. I'm just wondering what it means if it's always at the top. It is a problem for me to do water changes, I've tried to gently touch it to see if it will let go of the glass but it is stuck very tight and hence I do not want to damage it. Thanks for your advice in advance!
Depending on how this is going I would find it to be concerning. These starfish are very hard to keep. This stems from not only do we not know what they eat, if they are exposed to air they will simply start to fall apart and die.
I would make sure that it isn't exposed to air during water changes. Other than that, there isn't much you can do for these guys. They either die, as most do, or will do well.
I made sure it wasn't exposed to air when I bought him and even when I do water changes I do do 8 lots of 2% changes sohe doesn't get exposed to air. Is there a way of taking off the starfish from the glass without damaging it and moving it to the bottom of the tank?
Yes. Just flick it off. It's not going to hurt it. BTW, I'm in agreement with Hank- Fromia are the hardest to keep IME, and it will look like something attacked it when it goes. It will look like something ate the legs. When you see this, don't blame another tank's simply dissolving.
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