FS: Shale

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To what dimensions can you cut to. I have a pretty specific requirement.

If you need help in explaining my topographical map feel free to ask.

The red should be 8 inches not 6. Oops. Finally, It would be awesome if you told me how much this thing would weigh...I'm not sure how dense shale is and this is a big hunk. The gradient slope should be about 2" sloping downards until the 2" thick base. so a rather sharp cliff-like structure.
It can be broken apart to fit the box. Actually that might take up too much swimming space... hmmm I might want to make it 8" x 12"
What are you looking for exactly? It is better for me if I try to cut it to make sure it is possible before I say yes or no.
I just put up a topographical map. The lines I have don't have to be straight or match that lay out. Just the heights but even those don't need total precision. If it's too difficult I'll just call up the local stone supplier for a custom cut. You could probably separate it into 5 2" thick plates. and then divide them in half.

into 10 plates.
Jason, awesome stones again, it has become the preferred breeding stone of choice for all my egg layers. my 15g has more egg laden shale in it then I think you shipped here twice LOL
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