General update on my guppies (I’ve had them for about 4 months now yippee)

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Dec 18, 2022
I managed to switch the guppies into a temporary bowl and I kept it in my friends room (they leave their room heater on all day mine isn’t) however when cleaning I spotted multiple babies so I put them into a different bowl (same friends room) I eventually saved up some money to buy a proper heater and tank for them. The adults are in the 5 gallon tank and the babies have been transferred to a bigger vase type container (not really sure what it’s exact name is but it’s about 2 gallons or 3) I have some Japanese pennywort in there with water lettuce and one lucky bamboo (the leaves are outside the water btw) I have a bottom layer of fluval stratum and topped with sand with some pebbles scattered around.
I had 5 baby guppies so I got them a heater and low flow filter. Just checked the tank today before going to bed and saw one of them died though and to be honest I don’t know what happened to it because all 5 were doing just fine for these past 3 months.
The adult guppies are doing well I have put them into a 5 gallon tank with just gravel at the bottom. (Currently waiting for driftwood and some plants to arrive so I can get their tank nice for them) the male guppy looks much better but seems a bit tired I’m assuming probably old age or the flow of the water (any tips on how to slow down the flow of a filter would be much appreciated)
I got some water lettuce and apparently there were some little intruders that managed to sneak their way into the baby guppy tank. I have no clue what type of snails they are but there’s 2. It’s currently 11:50pm for me and I’m just seeing there’s a BUNCH of snail baby eggs around so I’m going to try to eliminate them. I’ve also noticed that the snails have been eating the water lettuce so I don’t know what to do about that, they’ve turned into like yellow edges and a bit smushy. The roots still look strong and green though I figured it was a vitamin deficiency or something for the leaves but I’m assuming the culprit is the snails making it look that way.
I’m going to be doing a water test early in the morning tomorrow and see what could’ve been the potential cause for my baby guppy to suddenly die. I didn’t notice anything odd before. All the guppies eat well and come up when they see me (there’s the youngest baby guppy which is a bit late to the meal times but always gets their fill too)
I’m not sure if I should keep the snails or not because of how quickly they reproduce and it could cause a lot of problems if I don’t catch it soon enough. Is there a fish or other critter that eats snail eggs? Might have to get one to help clean out when I’m not around to spot those small menaces.
Also the baby guppy that perished had like a hole where its stomach would be which is odd it’s as if it just exploded or something. Along with this when I found the guppies in the tank together with the adults and I was clearing out everything to put them into their other places I found a dead guppy at the bottom of that one and it looked similar to how the one I found today is like. This is a 3 month difference from when they died and yet they both had their stomachs open. Were they eaten by the other fish? Was it the snail that did that? They shouldn’t have looked the same if it’s the snail because the first that passed didn’t have snails in the container.
Hopefully once I figure out how to send a picture here through my phone I’ll show you all my baby guppy setup and my 5 gallon adult guppy setup (when I get the plants and driftwood all situated in there of course lol it’s kind of barren at the moment with just the gravel) also a picture of the snails so you guys can help me identify which type it is.
I was surprised that a guppy can regrow its tail. My mom came over to visit and the guppy jumped out and she tried to save it with a card and it sliced the majority of the guppies tail off. My female guppy was eventually placed back into the tank but still swam fine. I’m glad to know now that her tail is full grown back and it has a nice pattern to it which she didn’t have before it used to be just all grey. That’s all for the update right now sorry it’s a little random, the previous thread I had going with a few other people closed since we didn’t speak for over 90 days so I figured I’d just give this update to anyone who wants to read on it :)
When you buy live plants from pet stores they often come with bladder snails, also known as pest snails. They will reproduce like crazy and they can do it asexually so be careful. The reason your guppies may be dying is due to the water parameters or because the tank is too small. Guppies are known to be “beginner” fish but they are far from that. Guppies are very sensitive to water changes and need adequate water parameters constantly. Guppies should be kept in minimum 10 gallon tank and even then there shouldn’t be many. Also guppies from main chain pet stores are very interbred and often come with diseases and issues, that’s why it is always necessary to get your fish from breeders.

You should be careful what you put in to help your snail problem. If the tank is small then you shouldn’t add any other fish but if you upgrade the tank then you can always try and get yoyo loaches to eat those snails. As long as you don’t add anything more to the tank. Yo-yo loaches will eat any snails and shrimp. They won’t go for guppies because guppies stay at the top of the tank and not the bottom, but still be careful. But if you have a female then those loaches will go for the fry.

Your fish won’t die due to a snail, but they will die due to other reasons. Do you have other fish in the tank? If so, which? It is likely that the fish may be aggressive and could have killed it. If it was a pregnant female guppy then the fry could have came out irregularly. It can also be due to a parasite or a disease.

I would highly suggest doing a test on your water parameters and send the results. How often do you do water changes as well? What is the temperature?

Let me know! Happy fishing! ��
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