Ghost shrimp.

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Sep 19, 2002
Albuquerque New Mexico

Hello, I have a new 10 gallon tank, with 6 Comets.
A friend got me 12 Ghost shrimp as a "tank warming" gift.

How good are they at geting debris from the bottom, and will they breed?
Also how can you tell if they are going to have young?
i don't know about the breeding, but they make excellent cleaners. 12 may be a few too many though.

Thanks. :D
Although I have 24 of the little critters now, I found that they are really cool looking and fun to watch.
I guess if that's too many I'll just have to start another tank.
There is no uneaten food in the gravel, the fish themselves, are pretty good about eating whatever food sinks to the bottom.
But I'm sure the shrimp are helping.

Besides, the shrimp really are fun to watch.
Both my kids keep asking me to get more shrimp.
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