Giant Sea specimen found

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Great. Cant wait to find out what this really is.

For everything that we know about the ocean there are so many things yet to learn.
Wow, one week later and the news said scientists still cant figure out what it is.
Hmm, might be a new thing popping up all over the country and taking over the world, or maybe its just an anemone
I saw a show about this giant squid. It was amazing some of the dead squids they had. Many of them where longer than 10' in lenght.

I read the above article that Hara posted in the first thread. Her post is July 2ed but the link goes to an article wrote on the 8th so they must have updated it and not changed the link path.

Alot of experts dont think its a squid because most giant squid have the majority of their body lenght as tenticles wherw as this thing has no tenticles. If this does turn out to be a giant squid no doubt it would be the mother of all giant squids as far as size. Since no tenticles are with it then the entire mass would have to be its body.

Some suggest its the skin of a whale that died and was deterating. Other suggest it might be the lining of the whales stomach.

Guess we all will have to await the DNA testing. Of course if its a new species DNA compairson probably wont help us much.
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