Glued first 2 frags! Positive ID?

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Apr 4, 2012
Northern Colorado, USA
So never done this myself before today, always too scared about it.

Have had this cyanoacrylate gel for quite a while now.

Today got 2 frags at the CAS Spring Auction and they didn't have a base. I used one old one I had and used a stone with a nice space to glue the angled cut into for the other one.

From what I was told it is a Purple Stylophora (free) 3" with 2 branches and the other is a Green Caulastrea/Trumpet coral, I think from the pics I saw Metalic Green!!! 12 heads for $13. Whether or not it is a good deal (was it?) I like them.

Though it was a nice opportunity to try something new. In my nano current tank. Believe I had a Trumpet a few years ago, before I lost most of my nano tank from the Paly toxin episode nuking my tank. :/


Any pointers?

Right now I have the 6.6G Edge Nano tank going but am cycling the 12G which looks like it will be ready pretty soon. Mostly have Rock Flower Anemones 6-7 and some Macro Algae and little things, four Sexy Shrimp. A ORA Yellow Line Goby and a Yellow Clown Goby who I have had for quite a while and a Pom Pom Crab.

The tank has changes a little this pic was way back in November.

Both ID's look good, though I'd keep an eye on the base of the stylopora.

In case it starts to fall off??? The cut on it was a ~45 degree angle and the rock had a little crevice I glued it into, that is why it is a bit crooked. It just glued where it snugged into the crevice.

Oh - maybe should have been a bigger rock to glue it to?

If it even grows, I can always glue it into a bigger rock in the new tank?

Mr Aqua Rimless regular glass.


Just threw these rocks, and a couple live rocks in here in the front. The tall rock in the back used to be a shelf for my frags in the old tank (which I broke the bottom out of being low iron and not taking too kindly to getting a knee in the bottom in an attempt to catch from slipping to the floor.) It is a "circle" and pretty much a light dome/flat on top.
No, the base is white. Sometimes this can be simply the picture, but when I loose SPS corals they usually bleach from the base up shortly after acclimation.
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