GPH - required & too much?

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Jul 26, 2005
I'm looking at buying the AquaC Remora skimmer and Maxi-Jet power heads for my 29 gallon to be setup as a fish/invert tank. Will also be using a Magnum 350. How much flow is required, gph, and how much could be too much? I'm visualizing shrimp, etc. getting blown away from the water flow! I want to make sure I buy enough but not too much.
Okay, so it looks like what I listed (Magnum 350, powerhead, and skimmer) is too much. Can I skip the Magnum and just use a powerhead with a mechanical filter attachment? It would be much easier to maintain and I could move the position of the powerhead once in a while. I see so many people say you can't have enough circulation, but it looks like you really can. Thanks.
I'm not sure what you mean by a powerhead with a mechanical filter attachment. Are you talking about the powerheads that come with the foam "filter" that you can attach on the intake?

I agree with you. It'd be best to forgo the Magnum, IMO. It will likely cause you nitrate problems anyways.

About the water flow, its arguable. If you have a little over the reccomended, that's okay too. What is your total GPH?

The mechanical filter attachment is a screw on attachment with pads that fits on AquaClear models. I've used it in freshwater and although you have to change the pads often, it keeps the water crystal clear.

For my 29 gallon, I would need 290 to 435 gph (per the calculations above).

The Remora skimmer will give me 85 gph.
I have 2 powerheads, one is rated for 350/400 gph and the other is rated for 250/270 gph. The Magnum is rated at 350 gph.

I see many people using 2 powerheads, a canister filter and skimmer (in small tanks like mine), but this would give me way to much flow and I don't want to stress out the fish or critters. BTW, I haven't set this up yet, but I have all the equipment already, so just trying to see what would work best.

I have 615 GPH in my 29 gallon tank with no problems. The clowns like to swim in the current.

The canister filter might be a problem for you down the road though, with excessive nitrates. If I were you, I'd just go for the skimmer and 2 powerheads.

I have 3 powerheads, an HOB (aquaclear, that I'm making into a refugium) and 100 gph skimmer.
Wow... okay, but even if just go with 2 powerheads and a skimmer, I am still looking at 685-755 gph! I guess I'm leaning towards just going with 1 powerhead and the skimmer to be on the safe side. Reasonable?

And also using the AquaClear quick filter (long tube with filter pad inside). Okay to use?

Should the powerhead and/or skimmer be pointed down towards the rock/sand? Mid-level? Or surface level? I'll have shrimp, crabs, snails, etc., and a couple small fish.
i have the aqua c remora and it produces very little current, barely any to be precise. i wouldnt include it in your calculations. hth.
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