Greeeeen algae.....

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Sep 15, 2004
Aguadilla, PR
I did a water change 3 days ago, the next day I have very green algae on my LV, sand bed and glass, water levels are 0, PH normal. I try to brush it off, but not like diatoms, they do not brush off the rock. My tank 72 gal. is 3 months old, already had diatoms, have a protien skimmer UV Light and a wet dry filter lights are on for 12 hrs. 2 of those are darker night lights I have soft corals, 1 clown, 3 tangs, 1 black cap, 1 wrasses 3 shrimps 1 star shifter, 1 goby, 3 turbo snailes 1 flame angel and about 5 cleaning creatures
Could be the start of hair algae. It's very normal around the 3 month mark. Keep your water quality as good as possible and pick up some snails if you don't already have some. It should fade in time.
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