Green Water because of Green Glass?

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I have allready posted this in the freshwater section but since I seen saltwater aquariums with different water colors I thought Id ask here..... someone recently gave me a 90 gallon and I bleached it & filled it up with water and the water is green. I scooped some water out of the tank in a cup & it was white.

I know that this tank was used as a saltwater tank before & was wondering if they made green aquarium glass to make the water color different on purpose? If it is not how the glass is made, I can't think of any other reason why the water looks green, can you?
Just be sure that there is not algae growing on the glass. this will give a green tint to the water. For that size tank, you should not green tinted looking water. You may want to try an algaecide to control growth. Also more information on how the tank is set up will help. 8) HTH.
It is definetely not algae...the tank hasn't been in use in months, I just bleached it, rinsed and filled in water and it looks green. The tank is still completely bare.
Well the thicker the glass in use for the manufacture of the aquarium, the greener the tint. I had a 55g FW but never had that problem but mine was tempered glass which is thinner. So the long answer is that yes there will be a green tint from glass aquariums. Do you have aquarium lights on? If not, when you do get those going, the tint should disappear. HTH
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