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Mar 18, 2012
Long Island, NY
I have been taking a serious interest in my fish tank in the past 3 years. I would like to try a hand in adding plants to my tank. I have tried using ol' faithful google; however I think I better off forgetting everything I've read a getting communal advice.

I am most worried about the African claw frogs and what would hurt them. Where do I start?

Thank you!
Thank you! they get pretty big. They add a great presence to the tank. Having a few of them really makes it interesting. Plus the rainbow sharks swimming about mid level and the silver dollars at the top.... I am really interested in getting some plants to tie everyone in together.
When you start it is best to start with one or two at a time. Make sure the light levels are adequate for your specific plant. Some require low lighting up to very high lighting. I have a partially planted that is well lit. There are also costs to planted tanks. You will need fertilizer and substraight even though a large portion of plants can grow in gravel they dont always stay where you plant them and lack root attachment. Do you want to start from scratch or do you plan on adding plants? I added mine after the fact. It takes so much longer to do it that way but I had no clue about natural planting before I saw it on youtube. Good luck and def., ask tons of questions and research their answer because everyone does it differently. Start with good lighting. That's one solid advice I can give you. t-5's are great. The LEDs are not as good for plants. Goodluck and happy planting
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