Greetings from Greece!!

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Jun 4, 2024
Greetings from Greece!!
I am new to this forum and consider myself a newbie at this hobby. I had a 60 lt aquarium back in 1997 for two years. Then i left for university and my aquarium didn't have the attention that required from my parents so....

On February i made a return to the hobby. A new beginning with my 4 years old son. We bought a gold fish in a really small aquarium.

Then I started feeling awful for the gold fish and I bought a second hand aquarium 110 lt, with internal filter and on board led light.

After few months around April, we visit a petshop with my wife and son we met (learned) the guppies ;) ....... We bought 6 female and 2 males.

We returned the gold fish at the petshop.

Now we have 16 guppy, 4 corydoras Panda, 1 oto, 3 snails zebra and 4 shrimps.

And few easy plants.

Before a week i change the led light. I bought a fluval plant because the plants didnt have the required light. Now i am adopting the lights 10% every two weeks till 40 to 50% (after a small research, i think is enough light for my plants, lt etc.


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Welcome to the site. :flowers:

Sounds like you are going to be heavy with Guppies sooner than you think. ;) You might want to contact your neighborhood fish store to see about trading them some of your younger Guppies ( once they have colored up) for some store credit or some cash. If you let them continually breed " willy nilly", eventually you will have poor quality blood lines making poor sickly fish.

Once again, welcome. :)
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