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Jun 4, 2024
Hello everyone.

Before few weeks i bought 4 new guppies. Last Friday i notice the bellow diseases.
Can some one please give me an advice if I am doing the right cure for those guppies ?

I am using daily Api MELAFIX and PRIMAFIX.

In every water change I am using aquarium salt, Seachem Prime and Stability + Api Stress Coat (I start it this weekend).


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Melafix and pimafix isnt going to cure anything. Melafix is teatree oil, and pimafix is bay leaf oil. At a push the best they will do is help prevent infection, but if a fish is already sick they wont help at all. Its like trying to treat a fatal disease with essential oils and herbal remedies. These 2 products are often used in countries where effective antibiotic remedies are only available by vets prescriptions, but there are better options available.

It looks like internal parasites to me, which is common with guppies.

What are your water parameters like?

Are you quarantining new fish or are they going straight into the display tank?
Hello Aiken :) Thanks for helping

You said what I feared. that these are oils and only prevents diseases.

I forgot to mention that I am using the API master test kit everything seems to be OK.

No2 = 0
No3 = 5-10
Ph = 7.4 - 7.8
GH = 12
KH = 5
CI 2 = 0
Temperature = 26.5 degrees
Do I have to increase the temperature?
You may want to consider a general use dewormer as part of a quarantine procedure. Something with Flubendazole treats both round and flat worms. NT Labs Anti-Fluke and Wormer is commonly used.

You are from Greece within the EU, so antibacterial products will be controlled to vets prescription. Waterlife products are probably the most effective medications you can get that wont be covered by vets prescription. As these arent genuine antibacterial products getting a proper diagnosis is important to make sure you are using the correct treatment as they will be less effective.

Always check the directions and contraindications on the instuctions.
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