No Ammonia, Nitrites or Nitrates

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Sep 27, 2022
I have a 40 gallon freshwater tank I am trying to cycle using Seachem Prime and Stability. This is a fish-in cycle with 4 guppies. I have followed the directions on the bottles (Prime every other day and Stability every day for 7 days), but after 8 days I have still never seen any traces of ammonia, nitrites or nitrates. I am using the API master test kit. How is there no ammonia building up if there are fish in the tank? I am very confused by this.
4 guppies in a 40 gallon tank isnt going to make much waste and it may not get to detectable levels in the timeframe you have been cycling.

Also, the bacteria in stability isnt the right kind of bacteria to cycle a tank. Its great at consuming ammonia to promote growth and cause biological blooms, but isnt denitrifying bacteria that turns ammonia into nitrite and then nitrate. This is likely where any ammonia your fish do produce is going.
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