Guppy Fry Growth Chart

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Feb 20, 2012
I have 3 guppies, 1 male and 2 female. The male is orange, and his name is tiger. Then there's Blondie, her scales are entirely clear except she has a barely noticeable yellow spot on her tail, she is currently pregnant with 6-12 fry, and I only know that because I can see the growing embryos inside her. Pretty cool huh? Then there's Noir, her front half is clear, and she has a black semi-clear tail and an all over bluish shine. She had a batch of 12 fry on the 21st, which are now 4 days old.

I've started this thread as a log to show the day by day guppy growth from fry to adult, because no one I've seen has ever done it before and since so many people constantly ask questions about it.

Feel free to ask me questions about them at any time, and I'll be taking pictures of the fry every other day with a quarter for reference. Any other pics will just be pics without quarters!

I have rules! Here they are:
-everyone should post and ask questions!
-no one should be rude to anyone for asking a question that's oblivious to someone else, because they probly simply don't know

I hope you enjoy this thread and it helps you learn about the growth of a guppy! :)

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It's the first week, and they've all made it through quite well! I miscounted, there's only 11 fry in the group.

I can see some fish slimming out and producing some black coloring, I believe that those will be the males, but none have produced a seperated anal fin. If the two are the only males (and I believe they will be) then there's 9 females and 2 males out of a 11 fry batch.

I currently have 2 batches of guppy fry myself :) The first batch is 2 weeks old and there were about 10 of them; the second is 6 days old and there were about 8 and we think more coming in the next few days! We also have our two females who are pregnant and one of them had the other fry 6 days ago, and is still carrying. The original female that had the fry 2 weeks ago died couple days ago from unknown reasons. I have attached a picture of all our fry and a picture of the fry tank.


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I like your tank it's very cute! I'm glad someone's following me on here!

It's time for an update:


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There is another fish getting black spots, and gravid spots are becoming more noticeable. I think sexing them might be possible soon, though it's only been 10 days. There are some differences I'm noticing and I'm making out some females and males differences.

They're tending to be slimmer and have straight bodies. They seem to be getting color. There is no gravid spot visible.

They are tending to have a round head and stomach area and their tail is much smaller than that. They don't have any color yet. They have very small gravid spots.

The ratio is uncertain now because some are showing signs of being male that weren't before. I will be updating again soon :)
They are very sweet, but IME it's very difficult to sex them so young, I had what I thought was an all female batch and one turned male literally over night!! :)
Yeah, but I'm seeing some differences and changes and such in them, and I'm posting just what I see. I think some are losing their anal fin already but I'm not sure :)
So cute!! I currently have two batches of fry too! Mollies and platys! I had a good bit of platys so I made my betta a nice yummy meal of them since there was sooo many! Like someone else mentioned its kind of hard to tell for a while...I had a female (or so I thought) platy and for three months it was a female and then one day I looked and well guess what...she was now a he! lol But I guess with guppies you might be able to tell sooner. What do you feed them?
For the first five days they ate powdered freeze dried blood worms but now they're switched to powdered tetra goldfish flakes and they'll soon be switched to crushed granules (I'm feeding them from smallest to largest basically, because crushed granules don't crush as small as crushing flakes and flakes don't crush as small as FDBW)
Gotcha...I just start mine on powdered omega one flakes and make it sink...why are you feeding goldfish food though?
Cuz it's the only flaked food I have at the moment, and I have a butt load of the stuff, and it's high protien :)
Oh okay...I don't think that is the best meal for them because I think they have more specific ingredients for goldfish but I might be wrong...
I went through the label, the ingredients both say the same thing as the other tropical stuff at the store, at least in what I saw. I came across it when I had 2 goldfish in a 2g tank, the lfs said it was fine and I believed them :( I had so many goldfish I went through with that 2g and I thought it was my fault —_—""

Back to the fry! I put some glass beads in the box, and they like hiding under them :)
Ok I'm not to sure on the ingredients I just figured goldfish food was made specific for goldfish since they have different needs than tropical fish.
brunettebaby4571 said:
Ok I'm not to sure on the ingredients I just figured goldfish food was made specific for goldfish since they have different needs than tropical fish.

I thought the same thing with "Betta Buffet" until I was told it was made with basically the same ingredients and called BETTA to charge more and sell more product...
With some less expensive foods, there usually isn't much of a difference between the different foods for different breeds. When you get into some of the better brands, you find more actual differences in nutrition when it comes to goldfish food vs. betta food vs. tropical food vs. cichlid food.
Ok thank you guys for clearing that up! I wasnt exactly sure I just figured since its goldfish food it might be different! I'm sorry I should have looked it up a little to see if there was a huge difference!
I just read through the ingredients thing on the back of the bottles, very minuscule differences and higher protien in the goldfish food then the tropical food, which is good for young fish growth in general :)
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