Have any homemade fish food mush recipe????

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Feb 29, 2004
I want to make some cheap fish food mush blended in blender, I was thinking maybe some salmon, little pink shrimp, clams, oyster, and lettuce to provide some vitamins and nutrients. Also do u know any nutriend soaks of tablets??? I dont know if my lfs has any but I dont think they do because they use the frozen gel formula cubes.
1 cod filae
1 grouper
1 large scallop
1 prawn (large shrimp)
half pack of mysis
Tea spoon of Krill

Vit C
Garlic Xtreme
Mix equal parts mush and saltwater. (this helps it thaw faster and break up easier)

you can pour it into several large freezer bags and flatten it out, or it can go in Ice trays...and then in a freezer bag. I just put mine in a bag. This mix last me about 2 months and I'm feeding a large tank. The mysis and krill actually cost more than the rest do. The fresh food usually runs me about 5.00 for all of it.

Don't bother with the lettuce... it has little to no nutritional value. If you want to add some green, use spirolina flakes or dried seaweed. The rest of your ingredients sound fine... just be sure to get them raw and unseasoned.

As for vitamins, you might consider Zoe, Zoecon, Garlic extract and Vitamin C... which can be found in bottled form at your LFS. Take your ingredients, add your vitamins and a cup of tank water then blend well and freeze.


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Ok, I got some marine green flakes that contain spirulina and other greens would that work??? Also, squishy do u mean a grouper fish???
You don't "have" to add anything. Just buy what's available at the seafood counter in whatever ratio seems right to you. Add unseasoned Nori (dried seaweed) available at an oriental store. I crush up a vitamin or two and throw that in there. Try to stay away from too much fatty fish. Leave skins on the fish and shells on the shrimp. Use only seafood not fresh water fish. I like to throw in a pack of dissolved unflavored geletin for substance. Some people don't like to do that. I think it holds the food together better after thawing.
Don't worry, it's hard to screw this up.
Yep...grouper fish. You can get it at the sea food counter.

And he is right...you dont HAVE to add anything. But then again, you dont HAVE to take your multi vitamins everyday either. You will just feel better if you do. IMO, a hobby that can be so delicate, any thing that legitimately improves your chances of keeping your fish alive is worth it.

There is a recipe here from one of our advisors, ReefLady, that many folks here use as a starting point and adjust as they like. I'll be using this recipe soon myself. And there's lots of ideas for what to pour the goop into to freze so you can dispense easily. Anything from pill boxes, egg cartons, paint mixing trays, or if you're feed a whole lot of fish, ice cube trays.

Buon Apitito! :D
Here ya go:

>our tank food recipe<

As a couple people have stressed - it's definitely 'mix and match' - nothing is mandatory - whatever fresh fish/shellfish you can get, and whatever other items you happen to have on hand. The 'balance' also depends on what type of fish you have. I add a lot of Nori, Dulse, etc., because we have three Tangs.

I thought of this, it may might work:

Little pink baby shrimp
Vitamins (Of course not the store vitamins :wink:)
My flake food that contains greens like spirulina and other greens
Some cyclopeeze
A few prawns with shells
Cod alittle steak of one

That is what I thought of, but what could I do to make some flavor, would the garlic have taste for them??
The garlic helps their immune system- mostly against ich. Don't add much depending on how much you make up. Some flake foods have it added already, so using those flakes would work.
Can someone tell me if Im doing ok??
silver side fish
garlic extreme
vit C
Frozen in pre measured tabs...
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