Heater exposed to air

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May 7, 2003
My auto water top-off failed to fill my sump for a couple of days lowering the water. Part of my Won Brother Titanium heater was then exposed to air. The heater was at an angle so almost half of it was sticking out of the water. Return water from another container was splashing on the heater and sizzling. The heater now has about three inches of discoloring on the tube from overheating. I would like to know if this is junk now? It was working when I pulled the plug on it. I just don't know about the insides of it. Thanks
I would think it would be ok. The discoloring was from the outside overheating. Your lucky it was not a glass unit or you could have had a power disaster.
The shell doesn't have any structural damage. I just scrubbed most of the discoloration off. There is just slight marks on it now. Like a water mark.
ashearier said:
Return water from another container was splashing on the heater and sizzling.

Only thing about reusing this heater that would concern me would be your above statement. For water to sizzle would mean its at or above boiling point which is 212 degrees. These heaters don't get that hot normally and only thing I can think of that would cause this would be a electrical short.
Another concern with it getting that hot would be that it may have effected the temp sensor. I have had spotty luck with those Won Brother titanium heaters. I walked downstairs one day to see the readout saying 102 degrees. I freaked and stuck my hand in the tank to check it out and it was cold (like around 73 degrees). I've had other similar, but less extreme, things happen with them. Since they are prone to sensor failure, I would check it out before you depended on it to heavily.
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